Spending the afternoon with #LuluAndMe muse Gillian from Lorne Jewelry was like spending time with an old friend. Easy and refreshing, Gillian's laid-back energy is contagious. Here she shares her daily rituals and how to be mindful of taking care of yourself in small ways. 

Photo story captured by friend Lindsay from Dearheart Photos. 

What do you like to do to unwind?

My unwinding process is much like everyone else's if I have to think about it. In general I'm pretty chilled. I've learned to work super hard during the day and not to take work home with me, which I think is a massive unwinding benefit. Other than that, wine, good music, witty conversations but also some venting, movie education, little adventures, dancing, sun therapy, baths, being excessively clean & fresh with pampering goodness, these things are nice and definitely help.

What does self-care mean to you?

I don't know, I kind of always feel like I need to give myself a pat on the back for brushing my teeth everyday but then when I think about it, self-care is deeply etched into all of us. It's a very natural process and this is making me realise I do a lot of it - 'I've got my own back and I look after my own body'. We all give big portions of ourselves to others and careers etc but the rest of the time we're doing things that purely benefits us. So to me it's an essential and instinctual selfishness.


What does your beauty routine usually consist of?

It changes daily depending on what I think my skin is craving. Some mornings it's the full show with exfoliating and all and others it may just be a bit of nourishing treatment oil and moisturiser.

Are you mindful of using natural products, and why or why not?

I've become more mindful about it and luckily brands like Lulu & Marula give us access to and knowledge of the benefits of natural skin care products. My skin is super sensitive to rich and artificial products so I've learned my lesson (unfortunately a few times ) by not using natural products. Also I'm very sensitive to artificial & non-natural smells so on top of many other things I love the smell of L&M products.

How has your attitude towards beauty and self-confidence changed over the years?

I think on top of the obvious 'good looking' beauty ideals, I find most beauty in certain qualities and personality traits. 

Do you have a favorite Lulu & Marula product, and why?

The Energising Body Balm is incredible. I find that it's all day moisturising without being too oily or sticky. Also I find myself lifting my arm to my nose on occasion to get that zesty smell fix.

What is the best advice you wish you could give to your younger self?

My younger self was so stubborn and hard-headed that she wouldn't listen to me, even if it were possible.