Your Winter Skin Guide.

Your Winter Skin Guide.

Fight those winter scales with this tried-and-tested, L&M approved, absolutely wondrous, totally life-saving winter skin guide!

Who left the fridge door open?! Winter is well and truly here, and while we are LOVING the excuse to wear gorgeous, fluffy pyjamas and take long, hot baths (with a little L&M Bath OIl, of course), it’s important that you take extra care of that lovely skin of yours during the colder, dryer months.

Here are our 5 can’t-do-without tips for keeping your skin silky soft and super glowy while we wait for summer to roll around again.

Add A Facial Oil.
Adding a facial oil to your routine is like adding an extra blanket to your bed when the cold weather hits - super necessary. Use it after your serum or face mist, or just add a couple of drops into your moisturiser to help retain moisture and protect from the cold and dryness. Pick our Nourishing Treatment Oil if you're prone to dryness, or Purifying Treatment Oil if you are more oily or get breakouts.

Switch Out Your Cleanser.
Just like you switch out your wardrobe when Winter rolls around, you should be switching out your skin routine, too! Cold weather makes our skin more prone to moisture loss, so use a non-foaming, gentle, oil-based cleanser to help your skin to replenish its natural lipid barrier and retain moisture - just like our Balancing Cleansing Balm.

Here at L&M, we bow down at the altar of skin routines, and regular exfoliation should always be part of yours - even in Winter! It helps to remove dead skin cells, which boosts cell turnover. Plus, getting rid of that those winter scales will help your serums and face oils to penetrate more easily. Just don't overdo it - 2 to 3 times a week is enough, and both our Purifying Mask & Polish and our Nourishing Mask & Polish are perfect for this.

Use A Hydrating Mist.
A hydrating mist could be the secret weapon to save you from dry skin! Our Refreshing Tonic Mist is the skincare equivalent of Ross' sandwich "moisture maker" from Friends, adding a layer of additional hydration that sits between your skin and your serums and oils to keep it from drying out. Add this skincare superhero to your routine morning and night and say bye-bye to sad winter scales.

Don’t Ignore Your Body!
Cold weather has us oh-so-tempted to jump straight from a hot shower into our PJs - but hold up! Your skin needs extra TLC to keep it feeling soft and hydrated during winter - so when you're fresh out the tub, grab our Calming Body Balm or Energising Body Balm, slather up, and then you can slip into your comfies for that Friends binge.

Winter scales, be gone!

Team L&M x


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