Transitioning to a simpler, natural skincare routine.

Transitioning to a simpler, natural skincare routine.

Good job, we think it’s awesome that you’re giving your skincare regime some thought and taking steps towards a simpler, more natural routine!

We’ll admit it is a new way to think about your skin. It can be overwhelming with so much out there, and you might be hesitant as to how effective a natural skincare regime can be. We’re here to show you what some of the positives are about using natural products on your skin, and what hurdles you might encounter along the way. These are completely normal and a sign that you’re on your way to better and brighter skin. 

You may break out:

Your skin takes about 28 days to go through a full regeneration cycle and good skin care is essential to maintain its health and vitality. Now that you’ll be using natural, effective products that are really working, your skin is busy getting rid of all the toxin build up during that time, which could lead to purging and breakouts due to underlying congestion being drawn out. 

You’ll start feeling better:

We’re here to assure that your skin will absolutely love you when switching to all-natural ingredients. We all know the importance of regular exfoliation to get rid of build up sitting on and beneath the surface of the skin. Clays and fruit acids tighten and moisturize while simultaneously draw out impurities. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re replacing your current products with ingredients that feed and benefit your skin working deep down in the epidermis thus giving it the tools it needs to be happy and healthy. 

Skin feels softer and glows:

In just a short few weeks your skin will see and feel the difference because you are now using skincare products where we’ve ensured that every ingredient has a benefit to better your skin and works to address common skincare concerns as opposed to products that are formulated according to cost.

So where do you start? We know it’s not practical to chuck out your entire bathroom cabinet all at once, so rather start with one product at a time. As you run low on your existing products, transition slowly to the natural alternative as your budget allows. This will also help and give your skin the time to adapt to your new regime.

A lovely addition that can be added to an existing regime is a facial mask like our Purifying Mask & Polish or hydrating toner like our Refreshing Tonic Mist.

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