Spa Skin, But At Home.

Spa Skin, But At Home.

The post-spa glow is a rare phenomenon seldom seen outside of its Hen Party habitat. For many of us who are reduced to maniacal laughter at the thought of owning a house, regular facials are just not in the budget. Unless someone’s getting hitched or we’re gifted a birthday voucher. And we only have so many friends (and so many birthdays), right? Eventually, we’re going to run out of brides, run out of hen parties, and run out of options
Or will you? Resourceful babes need not. Armed with not much more than some warm water, a towel, and a few of your trusty Lulu & Marula products, facials can form part of a monthly, nay, weekly routine.  How boujee!? 



  • Cleanse your face as you would normally, ensuring all makeup has been removed. 
  • Add hot (but not boiling!) water to your bowl, until it’s about half-full. Now add a few drops of your delicious Purifying Treatment Oil, or any essential oils that you have at home (our faves are Lavender, Tea Tree, Camomile or Rosemary).
  • With a towel placed over the back of your head, hover your face above the bowl so that you form a kind of tent. You want the steam to hit your face instead of escaping out the sides. 
  • Stay for a few minutes, before gently wiping your face with your towel and spritzing with our Refreshing Tonic Mist
  • Apply your favourite face mask - your pores will have softened from the steam to allow your mask to penetration deeper into your skin. TIP! Have a look here for our guide on customising your own face mask using our Nourishng Mask & Polish or Purifying Mask & Polish.
  • Finish with a gentle massage using a pipette’s worth of Purifying Treatment Oil or Nourishing Treatment Oil. Using a good amount of pressure, circle the area along your jaw and chin, moving up towards your cheeks. Then run your fingers along the sides of your nose, up to your bridge, and then further up and outwards over your forehead. Or ignore all of this and make the massage yours! Just remember to work evenly across your face, always move upwards, and don’t forget your neck. It deserves attention, too!
Team L&M x


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