New Year, New Glow.

New Year, New Glow.

Delightful December has come… and very, very sadly (and much too quickly) gone, and while we’re all about a little indulgence in the silly season, chances are that gorgeous skin probably isn’t thanking you for it. 

So, your Lulu & Marula faves have put together a tried-and-tested quick guide to gettin’ that gorgeous glow back, and giving your skin the fresh start that it deserves after a December crammed with one too many mimosas and days on the beach. January reboot, we’re coming for you!

Start With a Fresh Exfoliation

Too much time in the sun can leave your skin dehydrated, rough, and generally just all sorts of unhappy, so you’ll want to start on that road to recovery by detoxing and exfoliating with one of our coveted Mask & Polishes. Made with pink clay (for our Nourishing Mask & Polish) or green clay (for our Purifying Mask & Polish), these beauties are gentle on the skin and won’t dry it out, and will help to exfoliate away any rough and damaged skin to leave that gorgeous mug feeling smooth, soft, and soothed. 

Plus, they’re designed to reduce redness and irritation caused by breakouts, which are bound to rear their ugly heads after too much make-up/alcohol/sugar/Christmas Cake over December. 


If you’re starting the year a little more lobster than you planned to (no shame – we’ve all been there!) then our Balancing Hydra Serum is your new best friend for soothing your sunburn and getting some much-needed hydration back into your skin. It’s made with aloe vera (the queen of all soothers) and botanical hyaluronic acid, which is key for giving singed skin the moisture boost it needs. Translation: it’s a superhero in a bottle, and really just an amazing all-rounder when your skin needs a reboot. 

Cold Is Key

Our ultimate summer #LifeHack is to keep your Refreshing Tonic Mist in the fridge during the summer months. Not only does it make it doubly refreshing on your skin when you’re feelin’ the heat, it’s also great for delivering moisture when you’ve got a little too much sun. Spray some fridge-cooled tonic mist onto a cotton round post-sun exposure (spraying directly onto burnt skin can be a little sore!) and then gently wipe it over your face. It’s pretty much like a soft, cold pillow that will soothe that sensitive burn. 

Ready to take on 2022 with a whole new glow? You know it!

Team L&M x


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