New decisions, not resolutions.

New decisions, not resolutions.

Resolutions aren’t really our thing. They’re usually forgotten about and unrealistic, lining us up for feeling guilty (and who needs that negativity in their lives, am I right?).

But as we shake the sand off our sandals and wash the salt out our hair, we feel we should mark the newness of the year with some conscious decisions. Because if you think about it, decisions don’t need much effort upfront, and then they sort of just happen automatically once we make them. So these are our top 3 for the year (feel free to borrow them as you please).

1. Make time for yourself. We’re all busy and things can get pretty overwhelming, because, well, life. But it’s true that you can’t take care of someone else until you’ve taken care of yourself first. So make you a priority.

2. Look after your skin. You only get one, and it’s an investment worth making. All you need is a few minutes a day to cleanse and treat your skin properly. Drink plenty of water, try to eat a balanced diet… You know the drill. And you’ll thank yourself later. 

3. Declutter and simplify. Spend less money on frivolous things you know you’ll get over a few weeks down the line, and more time doing things that will make you happy in the long run. Less really is best, and this is one decision we're adamant on making.

So go and enjoy the year, babes.


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