Hydration x Moisturisation.

Hydration x Moisturisation.

When we talk about our skin concerns and needs, we often use the words “hydration” and “moisturisation” interchangeably, when actually they are two different things. Our skin needs both to be smooth, supple and happy no matter our age or skin type, so we’ve put together some tips on how to make sure you include both in your skincare ritual.

Our skin naturally contains water and oil, which both need to be replenished as we get older. Water evaporates naturally from the skin, while we have a natural lipid barrier that protects skin from damage and water loss. Hydration is the water content in our skin, while moisturisation is the protective lipid barrier that locks in hydration.

Here’s how you can include both water and oil in your skincare routine:

The sandwich
Spritz a layer of our Refreshing Tonic Mist onto cleansed skin to add hydration. While skin is slightly damp, massage in a few drops of your favourite Treatment Oil to lock in that hydration and give your skin moisturation. This is a great night time ritual.

The blend
When you’re on the go and want fast absorption, add a few drops of Treatment Oil together with a couple of spritzes of Refreshing Tonic Mist in the palm of your hand. Mix together between your hands before massaging into your face and watch how quickly it’s absorbs! This is great for your morning ritual, or when your skin doesn’t need such an intense treatment.

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