Hibernate & Hydrate.

Hibernate & Hydrate.

As the colder weather settles in, we're all about keeping that gorgeous skin hydrated and moisturised, while also taking a little time to rejuvenate and relax at home. Remember - summer skin (and summer minds!) are made in winter.

Switch Up Your Cleanser.
Because cold weather makes our skin more prone to moisture loss, a non-foaming, gentle, oil-based cleanser is just what you need to help your skin to replenish its natural lipid barrier and retain moisture. So, just like you switch your super-cute summer dresses out for super-cute winter boots, switch your cleanser out for our cult classic Balancing Cleansing Balm.

Keep Up The Exfoliation.
Regular exfoliation should always be part of your skincare routine, and that's especially true in winter. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, which helps to boost cell turnover - and, with your dead skin cells removed, your serums and face oils will be able to penetrate much more easily. Both our Purifying Mask & Polish and our Nourishing Mask & Polish are perfect for this - aim for 2-3 times per week.

Hydrate From The Inside - And Out.
Our coveted Refreshing Tonic Mist adds a layer of additional hydration that sits between your skin and your serums and oils to keep it from drying out. Sprits it all over your skin, make sure that you're drinking your 8 glasses of water a day, and enjoy the wonders of maximum hydration.

Use A Facial Oil.
Use your facial oil after your serum or face mist, or just add a couple of drops into your moisturiser to help retain moisture and protect your skin from the cold and dryness. It's basically like adding an extra blanket to your bed - super necessary, and super appreciated. Pick our Nourishing Treatment Oil if you're prone to dryness, or Purifying Treatment Oil if you are more oily or get breakouts.

Looking for some L&M Approved Self-care Tips while you hibernate this winter? We've got you!

 Team L&M x


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