Hacking Your Lulu & Marula Favourites.

Hacking Your Lulu & Marula Favourites.

Everything you ever wanted to know (and more!) about mixing, matching, and getting the most out of all our products to make them work for you. Brought to you by the undisputed L&M EXPERT, our founder, Jesslynn.

Balancing Cleansing Balm + Mask & Polish = Face Scrub
Desperate for smooth, glowing, good-gracious-you-look-so-fabulous skin? Mix your Balancing Cleansing Balm with a pinch of either your Purifying or Nourishing Mask & Polish. Rub it all together on your palms and then gently apply all over that gorgeous face, moving in soft massaging motions. Add a little water to emulsify the scrub a little more as you rub, and then rinse off with warm water, pat skin dry, and enjoy a perfectly polished profile that’s been brightened and smoothed.

Refreshing Tonic Mist + Purifying Treatment Oil = Lightweight Serum
We know that sometimes all your skin needs is a lightweight serum to start (or end!) the day. To make your own, squeeze a few drops of your Purifying Treatment Oil onto your palm (our Nourishing Treatment Oil works just as well!), and then add one or two spritzes of your Refreshing Tonic Mist. Rub your palms together and gently apply all over your skin. This fantastic recipe creates a temporary emulsion of both water and oil, perfect for when you’re feeling a little more congested, and can be customised depending on how your skin is feeling. Gorgeous glowing skin, here we come!

Purifying Treatment Oil + Balancing Hydra Serum = Moisturising Cream
Did you know that you can create a super moisturising, gloriously rich, wildly fantastic moisturiser using your Lulu & Marula products? Mix a pump of your Balancing Hydra Serum with a few drop of your Nourishing or Purifying Treatment Oil in the palm of your hand, mix, and apply all over your face, neck, and chest for a fully customisable skin treat. Pro tip: this combination makes a BRILLIANT pre-makeup primer to protect and nourish your skin while helping to give you that ever elusive glow underneath your foundation.

You can watch the video tutorial with Jesslynn here.

Got any other genius Lulu & Marula product hacks that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them!

Team L&M x


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