#GiveBackFriday Is Back!

#GiveBackFriday Is Back!

So, listen - we know that your Instagram feed and your email inbox are most definitely filled with Black Friday deals right now... and, while we love a good saving as much as the next skincare lovin' gal, we're going to be continuing our tradition of giving back to you while also giving back to your skin AND giving back together to our community, with our very own #GiveBackFriday.

What is #GiveBackFriday?

For the last 3 years, we’ve partnered with our Marula Oil supplier, Botanica Natural Products, to raise money over the Black Friday weekend to help them plant new Marula trees. Based in Limpopo, their sustainable (yay!) tree planting initiative is centred around a local nursery owner called Sam Serumula, who cultivates and grows indigenous plants including Marula, Moringa, and Bulbine.

Botanica buys the seedlings and materials that Sam needs to propagate the plants, mentors him along the way, and then buys back the plants from him to use in both community projects and to produce the indigenous plant oils that we love!

How does #GiveBackFriday work?

When you shop online at Lulu & Marula, we’ll give you a full 30% off your purchase – plus, we donate a further 10% of your purchase straight to Botanica Natural Products, which they then use to plant new Marula trees. So, when you’re shopping up a storm (and saving in the process!) between Friday 26th November and Monday 29th November, you’ll be getting a fantabulous saving, and doing good at the same time! 

So, head over to our shop, stock up on all your Lulu & Marula favourites, and let’s see just how much we can give back to ensure that future generations have access to our precious local resources!

Team L&M x


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