Clean Beauty.

Clean Beauty.

We’ve all heard the buzzwords ‘Clean Beauty’ - but, what exactly does that gosh darn mean?! 

Unfortunately, there currently aren’t any clear guidelines and certifications around what Clean Beauty means, and without this, many brands claim that they’re ‘clean’ or even try to redefine what clean beauty is, just to fit their own agenda. (Booo!) 

As purveyors of *actual* clean beauty ourselves, and 100% believers in the power of Natural Skin Goodness, we’re all about creating cosmetic products that have no synthetic chemicals and ingredients that could harm your body or irritate your skin. (Yaaay!) And, as more defining guidelines and regulations around clean beauty come out, we promise to strive to align ourselves to them, because we really do care about being a truely clean beauty brand for our users. 

In fact, we’re so passionate about our scientifically-formulated, plant-based skincare (that’s also thoughtfully sustainable!) that our products are only made with ingredients that actually work with your skin, not against it, and our labels are 100% transparent and honest. So, when you’re buying an L&M product, you know that it’s filled with what it says on the label, and *only* what it says on the label - which is exactly what Clean Beauty is all about.

Our products are all detmatologically approved and paraben and sulphate free, and we only used plant-derived ingredients that actually work. We’re as passionate about results as we are about nature, and we don’t believe that you have to compromise one for the other.

Plus, they’re also totally mineral oil-free and are never ever tested on animals, so you’re helping the planet while helping your skin to feel happy, healthy, and hydrated. Win-win!

Got any questions about our consciously created, all-natural skincare? Pop ‘em in the comments below!

Team L&M x


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