Busting breakouts the natural way - yup, it can be done.

Busting breakouts the natural way - yup, it can be done.

If you’re a breakout-prone babe, your journey with skincare has probably been a long one. Foam washes, astringent toners, nose strips, toothpaste. You’ve tried them all. And…nothing. Nada. Zilch. Sometimes they even did more harm than good. 

That’s an expensive mistake in any economy. So, where does the search for alabaster skin end? In what do our pores finally find closure? Two words: Mother Nature. She’s been here the whole time, ripe and ready with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients.  We’ve packed the best of her best into our two signature breakout-busting products - the Purifying Treatment Oil and the Purifying Mask & Polish. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these so good at combating blemishes. 

Purifying Treatment Oil | That’s right. Oil for spots. Why in the hell? Well, you see, oils get a bad rep, but they’re actually pretty incredible. When you apply the right oils to your skin, over and above any of their other properties, they send a signal to your skin to stop over-producing sebum - the stuff that makes skin greasy and causes zits to form. Buh-bye, breakouts. Light-weight and fast-absorbing, this little superfood superhero is the ultimate in skin-balancing hydration thanks to its natural oils - Squalane,  Abyssinian and Broccoli Seed. It also delivers a push of anti-oxidants and fatty acids with oils like Marula, Rosehip and Boabab Seed.  Plump. Skin. For. Days.  Finally, the Purifying Treatment Oil also comes with a light-but-mighty exfoliating acid (Salicylic, 1.5%) to rid your face of dead skin that can otherwise clog your pores and form blackheads. Neat. huh?

Purifying Mask & Polish | Clay is nature’s gift to acne. From the minute you put it on your skin, it goes to work fetching muck out your pores. Less muck = fewer spots. Fewer spots = better skin. And with the Purifying Mask & Polish, that isn’t easier said than done. This over-achiever is made up of some of the finest clays around - French Green and Rhassoul. These are combined with skin-evening herbs like Licorice Root, Nettle Leaf and White Willow Bark, Green Tea to calm your skin, and Pineapple and Papaya enzymes to ensure an effective exfoliation. New to fruit enzymes? You might want to read our short guide. 

We love our products, and we know your skin will, too. Just think, the zit that’s bothering you enough to warrant you reading this, might well be your very last ever. 
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