A Guide to Making Your Mask Your Own.

A Guide to Making Your Mask Your Own.

Bespoke skincare has hit peak popularity and it’s easy to see why. Gone are the dark days when your skin’s every weird flex was treated the same by the same treatment. Now we have solutions to our skin’s natural fluctuations that don’t come at the cost of a whole new product. 
In fact, when it comes to making your top shelf bespoke to your needs, you don’t have to travel too far out of your kitchen. Case in point, our Mask & Polishes - Purifying and Nourishing. Although designed to work amazingly with just the water from your tap, there are benefits to getting creative. Get the skin-ny with our handy guide below.

Mask & Polish + Refreshing Tonic Mist = Hella-Hydration 

A calming blend of Rose and Geranium waters, Cucumber and Aloe Vera form a comforting and moisturising base for your Mask & Polish. You can later also use the Refreshing Tonic Mist on your applied mask if you’d like some more ‘me time’ before the mask dries completely. This is a great option for vegan babes!

Mask & Polish + Plain Yogurt = Smooth Sailing

Yogurt is a natural source of lactic acid - an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that acts as an exfoliator, leaving skin extra-smooth when combined with the botanical enzymes in your Mask & Polish. Yogurt also contains probiotics which are are H-U-G-E right now, and for good reason; the good bacteria you find in your little pot of yogurt is helpful in rebuilding your skin’s natural barrier. Who would have known?!

Mask & Polish + Plain Yogurt + Honey = Calm Complexions

Raw, unprocessed honey comes packed with antioxidants, plus a host of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Uh, wow!? With a CV like that, keeping your honey locked in your pantry is a practically a crime and definitely a shame. Add a squeeze of it to your Mask & Polish + Yogurt concoction and you’ll wash off to find a face that’s smooth, calm, and ready for anything. 
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