Skincare switch ups to get you through winter.

Skincare switch ups to get you through winter.

Winter might officially be a few months away, but there's already a certain chill in the air and I can feel it sucking the goodness right out of my pores.

Your skin's lipid barrier protects it from environmental stressors like harsh winds, dry air, and extreme cold. As you age, you produce fewer lipids, reducing your skin's ability to protect itself. Read: dry, dull skin and fine lines. Winter makes this even worse. Bastard. So we've put together a few key changes you can make to your skincare routine to keep you glowing right through winter.

1. Step away from that foaming cleanser. 
Yes, it might make your face feel squeaky clean, but that's not necessarily a good thing. If it feels like you just put your face into a wind tunnel right after you've washed and dried your skin, it's too harsh. Not only is it washing off your make-up and SPF, it's stripping your skin of those precious lipids you desperately need. Rather switch to a milk, oil, or balm cleanser. These guys are way kinder on your face, and they'll get rid of all that gunk just as well, if not better. We recommend our Balancing Cleansing Balm, which is formulated to work across all skin types. 

2. Slather on those facial oils. 
Sure, you've heard about them, but maybe you've been unsure whether they're right for your skin. Now is the time to try one. Not only do facial oils replenish the top layers of your skin, they retain moisture, protect skin from the wind and cold, and penetrate the epidermal barrier to nourish skin deep down. Seriously, these guys are gold. Our Nourishing Treatment Oil is a great winter pick, packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids to feed skin with the goodness it needs. Use it on its own, add a few drops to your usual moisturiser, or apply it over serums and moisturiser to give your skin a hydration boost. 

3. Exfoliate... gently.
There's no doubt that in winter you need to keep dead skin cells at bay in order for your moisturiser and facial oils to work properly. But do so with care. Ease up on any electronic scrubbing devices and harsh mechanical exfoliators (we're looking at you, plastic exfoliator beads). Look for exfoliators that utilise natural AHA's and give a gentle manual polish. This Purifying Clay Mask uses liquorice root and white willow bark to exfoliate skin at a chemical level, and powdered clays and plant materials to gently scrub away dead skin cells. 

4. Don't neglect your body.
Your limbs may be covered up so no one can see what's happening there, but the skin on your body still deserves some love. We know there is nothing worse than getting out of a hot bath or shower, standing butt naked in a cold bathroom, and attempting to rub some sort of moisturising ointment into your skin. So why not try a bath oil like this one. It moisturises your skin as you bath, and you feel totally nourished from head to toe when you get out. Plus, the smell... 


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